To provide our customers with the best IP solution we offer Milestone XProtect Video Management Software. ISS is a Milestone Certified Partner.

Milestone is the leading global developer of open platform software for managing IP video security surveillance systems. The XProtect software family is a powerful and advanced yet easy to use, reliable and proven.

  • Scalability/Flexibility – With an IP based system additional cameras can easily be added to your existing network. Cameras are powered over Ethernet (PoE) allowing greater flexibility to install cameras without an available power outlet. Video is recorded and stored to a Windows based server, so storage is expandable to the size and scope of the installation.
  • High Resolution Cameras – IP cameras range from 4CIF to high resolution megapixel cameras.
  • Remote Management & Configuration – IP based systems can be easily managed and configured remotely from anywhere. Changing camera settings, the way the images are recorded and everything in between can be managed and configured from a remote location.
  • IP Technology – With technology improving everyday the market for security cameras is changing paths towards the IP market.