This position is not currently open, however, we are always looking for highly-qualified, career minded professionals.

Pricing Analyst

What is a Pricing Analyst? A pricing analyst is responsible for analyzing competitor pricing matched with market expectations to determine the ideal target price for products of the business. Duties include providing thorough analytical breakdowns of pricing structures and sales funnels of similar competitor products and services and identifying specific strategies used in pricing models of the same. Duties also include assessing costs of materials and services, along with profit margin expectations and establish pricing that meets competitive/market needs. Reports are written in order to evaluate the findings and to propose the results to the relevant departments for effect.

A bachelor’s degree in business or a related field is often required to be a pricing analyst. As the job requires specialization and experience in the field, it is typical that pricing analysts possess strong working experience in the industry as a pricing analyst or in another relevant position dealing with competitor pricing and sales. Successful candidates often possess strong analytical and research skills with a keen eye for identifying opportunity.

Job Overview:

We are seeking a full-time, career minded, team member as a pricing analyst to lead the management and on-going assessment of client pricing strategies that help balance competitiveness with the fiduciary needs of the business. Well qualified candidates must be able to work with others or alone. The ideal candidate will have a solid financial or business education, combined with experience in a technology and/or services market, together with the personal drive and initiative to ensure company pricing is both competitive and profitable. We offer competitive pay based upon experience and demonstrated knowledge. We offer paid vacation, paid holidays, company sponsored retirement plan and healthcare options. Non-smoking facility.


  • Four-year Business or Financial Degree
  • Valid Ky. driver’s license
  • Pass drug test/ background check
  • High attention to detail
  • Excellent communicator/team worker
  • Experience working as a pricing analyst in a technology/services environment
  • Ideally, strong knowledge of video surveillance pricing and competitive/market trends
  • Keen eye for identifying opportunity
  • Strong analytical and research skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Good negotiations and problem-solving skills
  • Effective reporting and presentation skills
  • Enthusiastic and proactive team player
  • Able to sit in front of computer screen for long periods of time

Essential Responsibilities/Functions:

  • Perform competitor analysis on similar products and services
  • Scope out opportunities based on market trends and industry condition
  • Identify ideal pricing structures
  • Draft strategic pricing plans and processes to improve existing projects
  • Create reports reflecting metrics and project status, objectives and barriers
  • Communicate findings effectively to relevant departments of the company
  • Work with the sales and marketing team to define pricing structure for company products
  • Address issues and concerns raised by team members relating to pricing suggestions