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Integrated Security Solutions can provide special services, training or consultation in the following areas;

Active Shooter response training for business(s)

This class provides the attendee an overview of active shooter issues, how to prepare your staff or facility for this type of incident and will address topics from identifying risk behaviors to steps that can be taken to communicate a threat, immediate reaction to a threat and planning  for the organization to prepare for this should an event occur. This class will also cover post incident recommendations as well.

Courses can be customized to time and accommodate single or multiple sessions.

Facility security assessment and consulting

Whether you are small business with 3 people or a large facility with 100’s of staff members, ISS can assist you in making your facility more secure, manage personnel or operations and recommend solutions based on problems or goals. Combining our experience in loss prevention, asset protection and law enforcement, we can guide customers to real solutions that can make a difference in their business or organization.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

ISS can provide hardware and software to assist you your GPS tracking needs. From tracking a teen driver to multiple vehicles in a fleet, we can provide everything you need to help you oversee vehicle movement, geofencing or speed (driver behavior). Managed from your mobile device or desktop.

Art / Asset monitoring

Integrated Security Solutions is a proud partner with Fortecho Solutions in providing an international Active RFID solution.  Fortecho Solutions is a provider based in the UK, and with offices in mainland Europe, Australia, and the USA.

Fortecho is the world’s premier wireless artwork & valuable asset monitoring solution. Fortecho enables artworks and their locations to be monitored discretely 24/7 in real-time for theft, damage, and dangerous environmental change. Designed to be fully integrated with existing security infrastructures including CCTV, SMS, VMS, TETRA radio and intruder detection systems. Whether you have a small personal collection of art or you are an extensive art gallery or university, Fortecho Solutions has the ability to provide a industry leading solution.

Fortecho Solutions has a global client base spanning 32 countries, with a corresponding network of active resellers and installers in each.

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